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a liturgy for waiting during Advent

Before You came to earth

Your people had to wait






Through darkness, uncertainty, struggle and pain

Your children waited

Hoping, believing, praying

So much waiting

As we now remember this waiting

We recognize that our lives are also filled with waiting -

Waiting for a check to clear,

A traffic light to turn,

A friend to call,

Our plants to grow,

A baby to be born.

In these varied everyday moments, when we find ourselves waiting,

We ask You to meet us anew

Remind us of Your presence, especially when we are tempted to despair

Change us in our waiting

Let us embrace the slow work of Your Spirit

With a bold and unabashed faith

Like the shepherds rejoiced at the angels' proclamation

Prepare our hearts to rejoice as we remember Your arrival

Humble and simple, yet full of glory

Help us in all our waiting

To open our hearts wide

That Your light may come in and fill up every space

Illuminating the darkness both within and around us

We long to not just endure it

But be transformed within it

While we wait

God, sanctify our waiting

Whether it be mundane or extraordinary, painful or easy, long or short

Let waiting do its good work in us

And keep us hoping, believing and praying

In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit


Artwork by: Janelle Taylor


Thanks for taking the time to read this blog and pray for Alliance Christian School District! Lord willing, I plan to publish a new blog post weekly on Wednesdays throughout the school year. Feel free to subscribe (at the bottom of this page) if you'd like to be notified each time a new blog post has been published. We also have a prayer team that is always open for new pray-ers to join. If you'd like to learn more, email me at

~ Carrie Warner, ACSD Prayer Team Coordinator

Soli Deo Gloria To God alone be the glory

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