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May 2023

To EQUIP you as parents…

A bit of tooth-brushing help: Looking for a fun way to get your young kids to brush their teeth regularly? Check out Chompers! This is a free show designed to essentially provide a bit of entertainment for your kids to keep them brushing for the full two minutes dentists recommend. You can subscribe or if you have an Alexa, simply say "Alexa, start Chompers!"

A bit of hope and help: Blessings of Hope is a food bank located in Lancaster County and when you volunteer there, you receive vouchers that can be used to purchase groceries from their facility at $.52 per pound. While it may be a bit of a drive, perhaps it would be worth it for the money you could save on groceries (or gift to a friend in need)! Besides offering this blessing of affordable groceries to their volunteers, this organization is helping many people and fulfilling their mission to "feed the hungry by facilitating partnerships between food suppliers and nonprofits in a way that brings God's blessings to both". Check out their website to learn more.


To ENRICH you in your walk with Christ...

Some pieces of inspiring music: This week is the 6th week of Easter according to the Church Calendar, and this weekend ACSD will be presenting a special Easter-themed work called "Behold the Lamb" as part of our spring concert, Friday at 7pm at West-Mont Christian Academy. The concert will also include selections by various middle school and high school students, and the entire event is a benefit concert, raising money for the community in Guatemala that we are supporting through World Vision Ignite. Anyone is welcome - tickets and more info can be found here.

A bit of encouragement: It seems like there is no shortage of podcasts out there for Christian moms, but did you know there is a podcast especially for Christian dads? It's called Dadville and it's two guys who share about "life, love and the pursuit of dad-ding". During the month of May, they are also doing a special series called "Momville" to celebrate moms. So whether you're a mom or a dad, check it out and be encouraged!


To help you ENGAGE with your kids...

A bit of tongue twisting: Need a fun and free activity to fill some time with your kiddos? Try tongue twisters! This site includes quite an extensive list from not-too-hard to classic to one that was developed at MIT as "the hardest tongue twister of them all". Fun for kids and adults alike!

A bit of a world-changing walk: This weekend ACSD will be partnering with Reading City Church to host a community walk called the Global 6K - the world's largest 6K for water! Thanks to World Vision, each registration means clean water for one person. People of all ages can join our team and walk, run or roll with us in person or wherever you are!


We hope these bits and pieces are a blessing to you as you continue to follow Jesus in your everyday life. Thanks for allowing us to share!

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