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MOSAIC - June Edition

To EQUIP you as parents…

A bit of help: As a parent, do you feel mixed emotions about summer? Maybe one moment

you're excited for all the extra time with your kids, but the next moment you're wondering exactly how all of you are going to survive together until the end of summer. If that's you, you might appreciate some of the helpful tips from Kendra Adachi (AKA the Lazy Genius) on her podcast, especially How to Lazy Genius Kids' Screen Time and How to Plan a Summer Day.

A bit of an invitation: Local elementary teacher Emilee Booz (a former student of Mrs. Warner's!) wants to let all of you know about the all new Cougar Camp she is directing at Conestoga Christian School. If you're looking for a great option for a camp experience for your kids this summer, check out the details below and register your kids today!

What is it? Cougar Camp is 5 themed weeks of Christian camp for incoming 1st-5th graders. It runs Monday-Friday from 9am-12pm at CCS. Kids will participate in devotions, group games, themed activities and free time!

Who can register? Cougar Camp is open to the public! Family and friends are welcome! Click here to register (and feel free to share with others)

What is the cost? Each week is $130 per camper. There is a 10% discount for registering for 3+ weeks or 3+ campers! Also, T-shirts are available for $15 each as an optional purchase.

When is it? Cougar camp runs the last 2 weeks of June and the last 3 weeks of July. Check out the brochure below to see which dates are still available!

If you have any questions, head to @Cougar_Camp on Instagram, or email Emilee at

If Cougar Camp doesn't seem like a good fit for your family, or you're looking for even more summer camp fun, check out these other local opportunities as well...

~ Torch Sports Ministry Soccer Camps - July 19-23 at Limerick Chapel (+other dates/locations)

~ Total Impact Summer Camp - held at WCA campus, dates run from July 5 - August 13

~ Camp Manatawny Summer Camp - a variety of camp experiences


To ENRICH you in your walk with Christ...

Pieces of beauty from around the world: Compassion International (an organization BCS partners with to sponsor children) shared a variety of photos earlier this spring displaying gardens from Bolivia, Tanzania, Thailand, and many more places. These gardens are wonderful examples of the beauty of God's creation as well as symbols of hope. Praise God for allowing us to help make real lasting differences in people's lives through organizations like Compassion.

A bit of renewal: Rebekah Lyons wrote a book called "Rhythms of Renewal: Trading Stress and Anxiety for a Life of Peace and Purpose." In this encouraging and informative video, she opens by letting us know that right now 77% of people today say they are now experiencing physical symptoms of stress. If you suspect you are part of that 77% of society, you may find her talk to be a helpful way to begin the process of renewal you need.


To help you ENGAGE with your kids...

A bit of book reading guidance: Ever wish someone would compile a list for you of books for kids who like Little House on the Prairie? Or "must-read chapter books"? Or books like Anne of Green Gables? Great news! Someone did. You can find these lists and TONS more at While we cannot guarantee every book will meet everyone's approval, these lists might help streamline the process of choosing your kids' next book and make it feel a little less daunting.

Some pieces of information for tough topics: Have you figured out how to handle gender issues with your teen? Does the idea of having conversations about this topic make you feel a little lost? Or maybe you don't have teens yet but you're worried about the prospect of navigating these issues down the road? If these questions resonate with you, you can sign up for this free series of videos from Axis that will help prepare you to start and have these tough conversations with your kids through the lens of discipleship.


We hope these bits and pieces are a blessing to you as you continue to follow Jesus in your everyday life. Thanks for allowing us to share!

For more encouragement and some suggested ways to pray with us, check out our Prayer Matters blog, updated weekly throughout the school year.

Not yet officially a part of the Alliance community? You can schedule a time to meet with a member of the Berks Christian or West-Mont Christian administrative team for a free educational consultation (virtual meetings are available).

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