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September 2021

To EQUIP you as parents…

A bit of power: We know the power of prayer is real and makes a difference in the lives of our children, but do you ever feel at a loss to know what to pray? If so, check out this great resource with 25 Scriptures to pray for your child. Not only will praying God's Word over your children impact their lives, it will impact yours as well!

A bit of a reset: How is going so far with your family starting a new school year? How are you feeling about your routines and habits? If you need some help with your parenting rhythms during this change of season, jump in and follow Justin Whitmel Earley on a two-week habit reset - you can find it in his Instagram stories labeled "Parenting" - with daily devotional videos including a quick verse, a thought, and a practice to try.


To ENRICH you in your walk with Christ...

A bit of pastoring: One of the blessings of this technological age is the abundance of wisdom that can be found in hearing from pastors near and far. While there is no substitute for the community and support that is found in serving and doing life with a local part of the body of Christ, it can also be enriching to occasionally hear from other pastors - like this interview with Jon Tyson (you'll love his Australian accent and his way of teaching us about God) and this video teaching from Louie Giglio called "I'm not okay...but Jesus is", with an encouraging and powerful message for those who deal or know someone who deals with mental health issues.

A bit of processing help: In case you want a way to process life during the past year and a half with a mix of lightheartedness, seriousness, honesty and friendship, consider tuning in to Annie and Eddie Keep Talking - a podcast that began right around the beginning of the pandemic when two friends decided to talk to each other regularly as a way of helping each other get through a challenging time.


To help you ENGAGE with your kids...

A bit of wondering: We Wonder is a podcast described as "contemplative Bible storytelling for children and grown-ups alike". Right now they are sharing a special back-to-school series based on the book of Galatians with new episodes released each Tuesday and Thursday. The episodes are short (about 15 minutes each) but meaningful with space built in for prayer and reflection. Take a listen - either by yourself or with your kids - and embrace the beauty of curiously wondering about the Bible.

A bit of an introduction: Have you heard about Ignite - the new partnership ACSD has with World Vision this year? We're kicking it off with our 6th and 9th graders and Kindergarten teachers at both campuses, plus 5th grade at WCA, and the plan is to continue adding more grades each year. It's all about helping students grow in loving God and loving their neighbors, at home and across the globe. Kids and parents can watch this inspirational video to learn what it's all about, and stay tuned for more updates in the months to come!


We hope these bits and pieces are a blessing to you as you continue to follow Jesus in your everyday life. Thanks for allowing us to share!

For more encouragement and some suggested ways to pray with us, check out our Prayer Matters blog, updated weekly throughout the school year.

Not yet officially a part of the Alliance community? You can schedule a time to meet with a member of the Berks Christian or West-Mont Christian administrative team for a free educational consultation (virtual meetings are available).

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